I posted this on my twitter a few days ago

"i'm literally horrified just by looking at the calendar. oh the finals are eating my brain O.O'''"

because it's just friggin one month left to finish all the finals.

and everything is still at the stage of 'talking tactics on paper' 纸上谈兵. ahahahaha. it's time to restock my tea and coffee.

and i got this freelance design job during the holiday.. will be working with them for quite a while.. seriously, time management is a crucial thing now. i don't want to be an owl for the whole month.

well my holiday wasn't just about work and assignments. i'm not that stress over my work ok? however most people think I am, maybe because of my habit of 'must finishing work early or else i wouldn't sleep'. i just don't like do things half way and stop for something else :/

anyways. so on the night i reached PJ, my sis brought me along to watch local production independent movie directed by Ah Niu 阿牛, called "Ice Kacang Puppy Love". my review? it's very good consider it's a local production together with many local-turned-international singers and actors/actresses. the story is simple, normal... love story... with a sad ending, which I like, since I;m getting tired of happy endings nowadays :( as if everything is so easy to get a happy ending in life. but overall the movie is just good to watch on a weekend nights with your love ones or just close pals.

after local movie, i watched 'How To Train Your Dragons' together with Richie, Chain and Allen. and yes I LOVE the movie =DDDD because of the main dragon character inside: 'Toothless'!!!! it's just so cute and cunning and fierce and i love him :P the story..for me is kinda new and the humour inside is not lame like certain movies .. ehem... plus the soundtrack is quite good :P got the medieval-viking feeling. ahahaha.

told you millions of times that I sucks at writing reviews =_=''

ok. so i watched 2 movies during the holiday. but the super duper BEST one happened on last Saturday night.

AMIT'S CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!阿密特/张惠妹演唱会!!!!!!


love my sis to bits for buying the concert ticket for me. it's my 2nd time to a big concert like this and oh man i'm so glad that I went to this one. Ah Mei is a pure Diva since birth. yes she is. her voice is soooooooooooooo captivating during slow songs and sooooooooooooooooooooo powerful during rock performance.

yes the concert was a rave party. main performances are all rock and roll, since it's Amit on the stage most of the time. hahahaha!

wuhoooooo~~~ and love Pooh to bits as well for getting the excellent seats :P I was sitting right in the middle facing the stage!!! wahahahhahaha! though it's quite far from teh actual stage ,but still the aura of Amit's was strong enough to influence the whole stadium of people to rock with her.

Amit a.k.a Ah Mei singing 趁早

notice that the whole stadium of people is singing along with her. as if she's leading a super big choir. superb. MY . BEST . CONCERT . EXPERIENCE . EVER!!!

the night was just a bomb. explosion. BOOM! we unleashed our wild and rocker side on that night.

now when will Gorillaz, MEW, Franz Ferdinand, Muse gona come?

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