this is going to be a music post.

this week there's been quite a few of ups and downs. but nobody said it was easy eh?

and these songs are just awesome that it clears my mind and unleash my imagination once again =D

1) Clazziquai Project - Tell Yourself

It's a Korean experimental band. First heard this song on Amane's car, and i instantly fell in love with the catchy beats. It's so cheerful that I smile every time it's played.

2) Clazziquai Project - Lazy Sunday Morning

Yes.. it's a very lay back song. very VERY suitable to be listened in the morning, esp on a Sunday morning. it's so clean and clear, not to mention cheerful again as well. i love love LOVE this one.

3) Jonsi - Go Do

Introduced to me by Richie. this song is just 爽。very 爽. as if I was brought into another world when listening to it. Jonsi is from Iceland.. and I like his unique voice. just like Jonas voice from MEW. so captivating =D

4) Jonsi - Sticks and Stones

First heard this when I was watching How To Train Your Dragon with Richie, Allen and Chain. it just caught our attention, because it is from Jonsi!!! I don't know for you guys but this song gives me spirit and well to get things done.

5) Spangle Call Lilli Line - Dreamer

One of my favourite Japanese indie band. and I only knew this afternoon that they already released an EP and a single just a few weeks ago. and yes being a fan, must quickly go download!!! ahahahahaha! 'Dreamer' is their single, and it's beautiful.. :)

6) Spangle Call Lilli Line - Eye

From their latest album 'View'.. the album it's not as dreamy and fantasy as before, it's more towards pop now. but still the melody is awesome for me. it's not like everyday you can listen this kind of spectacular music on the radio or TV.

last but not least.

Coldplay - Clocks

I couldn;t get the music video embedded here. It's been disabled in Youtube. anyways. yep. Awesome song ever from the awesome Coldplay :)

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