now I really wonder how many readers I have..since I never have promoted my blog anywhere since a few years ago. making my blog going too public and popular is not my intention. I like it the way it is now :)

though I still miss seeing people chatting at my chatbox on the side :P

anyways. 2 weeks of hiatus (or more?) is over. there's only left one assignment which is the widget and me and my partner are seriously not putting in too much thought for that... we just want it quickly over with.

as for my other two subjects. one is individual dissertation writing, while the other one is group work, rebranding channel ident. and ooh how i hate referencing.. it is troublesome and time consuming.. really, paper work is not for me. well I managed to finish it in the end. have to. and it is NOT fun writing facts..and citing. since young I've been writing stories instead of facts essays during writing exams for any language.ha!

ok. move to the next one. rebranding channel ident. those who've followed my blog would know already that my group is rebranding Al-Jazeera channel ident, and it gotta have Malaysia element in it. *coughlamecough*. everything was going on ever so smoothly during the planning and idea generation part, but when it comes to post production, I got my biggest headache ever, for 2 weeks. i'm not going to elaborate on this point. i just wana say that, i almost lost my temper at some of my groupmates. but still in the end, we managed to pull it off. and our lecturer praised us for doing a good job. they actually invited several industrial guests for our final presentation, and of course, they gave quite a lot of useful critiques, and we gratefully accepted. i mean, we had really done our best ;D

so here's the show from my group.

done by MediaPlayer (eichi as group leader, Grace, Ali and Fazillah)

idea: the droplet of water (represented as particle) flows through the tree n thn the rainforest to gather information and stories from around world. the info (little particles) later form into the Al-Jazeera logo.

music is "To the Thunders" by Candlestickmaker

okay, so right now on this lovely weekend I am at my sis new office, going to attend on of her friends house warming party later. and oh. i finished one simple animation for my freelance job too =D gona enjoy my weekend to the fullest before heading back to Cyber and work on the widget.

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