Yes.. back at home with work to do but the fact that me being inside my own comfy room turns my lazy mode on.

this is not good. as I should be working on the job and also start preparing for my final year project. but noooo!!! i want to have my first week of holiday to actually BE like a holiday. i'm not gona have moment like this once I graduate and say goodbye to my student status.

first 2 days at home all I did was eat, sleep and watch tv. and of course surfing the net. there's no more free wifi in Kuching, they terminated it like a few months ago. So I have to get myself a RM48 a month package of Kuching Wifi with 512kbps. Well the connection is ok, consider that I can still play lots of Facebook games, watch videos on Youtube (with constant pausing and loading..), and downloaded a video from Youtube. i'm lucky that the wifi main headquarter is just literally around the corner of the street.

oh it's raining now =D and omg Kuching is so much hotter thn KL . i feel like just wear my bra and underwear inside my house =_= I try hard not to switch on the air-con occasionally as I don't want my parents to be panic when the electric bill comes. other reason is that I don't wana contribute more to the global warming.

but meh I still on it anyway. or else I'd just plop onto my bed and sleep my afternoon away again. cool air keeps me awake and concentrate on doing my work a.k.a inspiration searching for the job at the current stage.

anyways. feels like its been awhile since I share my choice of music with you all. so here it is.. I just heard it today, and the music video features Emma Watson!!! and the lead singer George, who also modeled alongside with Emma Watson in the Burberry ads, actually LICKED HER ! O.O'' I wish I was in her place..

ok. the song :D from One Night Only, I like it. play attention to the ending. it's kinda unexpected :P

teh idea of 2 doggies going for date is cute!

here's another song of my choice from Band of Horses - Factory

it's great to listen to especially on a rainy day like this.

oh yes i really love indie :DD i think i might just go look for more awesome songs now.

btw, do you guys think that I should provide download links next time when I intro any songs in my blog?

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