I'm not a good reviewer, nor am i a good commentator, what i'm gonna write below is just purely based on my feelings and *cough* very limited football knowledge.

Brazil was sent back home by the Netherlands, now that was kind of a big shock to me. From the day I learnt to watch football with my dad, it's always a known fact that the Brazil team is strong. but seems like this year the FIFA ain't doing any good for the strong teams, because even Argentina got a nil when play against Germany just now, and the Germans scored 4!!! strictly speaking I'm not supporting any of these teams (heck my heart stays loyal to England, lol), it's just that i felt the pain when the Brazil was sent off and when the Argentines couldn't manage to score a goal, I guess everyone does...accept for the hardcore Netherlands fans and also the Germany fans.

and Paul the octopus was right! O_O it's just ridiculous and amusing that an octopus from German can actually predicts the victory of its own country in the FIFA. maybe it was given the 'tentacles of God' or something (yea, read this on a Facebook comment about how Maradona's hand of God was stripped off by the tentacles..really cracks me up XD)

anyways. congrats to the Germans. I'll continue to buy more snacks to eat while watching the finals =D

ok. next topic. and i;m gonna be in a fangirl mode. it's HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!

the official 2 mins trailer was out a few days already and I downloaded it and god knows how many times I;ve watched it over and over again.

wow weee!!!! although Daniel Radcliffe looks abit odd in some of the scenes but hey it's the story and cinematography that i'm interested in!!!!and the magic within!!! =DDDD there's just so much tension in this trailer, and it's just sad that I have to wait for another half year for the 2nd part of the movie. Harry Potter is gonna be classic, just like LOTR and Willow. scrap off Twilight, those glowing vampires are useless against the Potter mania :P

and here's the epic poster of Harry Potter 7

Hogwarts is under attack!!!!! =OOO and there;'s gona be so many deaths in the 7th film. I think I gotta prepare myself a tissue box when getting inside the cinema.

Alright, thanks all for tonight folks.

and I'm looking forward to my trip to the Rainforest Music Festival~ WUUHOOOO~~~


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