I love my holidays. In fact, this is the last school holiday that i'm spending and i'm gona play hard and using my time to the max.

Met up with most of my secondary school friends for a Karaoke session last week; went to the Rainforest Music Festival and made friends with a bunch of crazy guys; watched football with my dad, and cheered for Paul together; had another awesome gathering with another bunch of secondary school friends again just last night. it's so awesome because there were so many stories to listen and so many funny and memorable past events to be talked about.

besides all the fun I'm still earning money for doing freelancing and just this morning, got one of my bad tooth pulled. now i'm still tasting blood inside my mouth =_=

i was planning to blog about all the activities/event mentioned up there in detail but I'm terribly lazy now. well maybe i'll just post some photos for you all to see :)

first off. the Karaoke session with the girls and a guy :D

from left: me, Wern Thing (going to UK to study soon), Aylwin (just back from UK) and Phyllis

a group photo (without Wan Hui and Wern Thing inside. they left early) Catherine, Cai Yan (just back from US), Faye, Aylwin, Phyllis and me

it's so much fun singing with them. esp when it came to certain songs which all of us know, and we all just sang and clapped together. the spirit of unity!!! XD

ok. thn is the Rainforest Music Festival, which I went on the 2nd day. got the promotion ticket at just RM 55.
we didn't go to the Cultural Village (where the festival is held) right away. instead we headed off to the Santubong beacj first for some sun shine and clear blue sea. the weather was just great that day, just look at the sky~~~ the color's natural, I didn't edit this pic at all.


another view of the sky, and the spectacular formation of clouds. i think there's a name for this.. anyways. i've taken lots of photos on that day but i'm just gona show you the group photo.

these are the people that I went with :) top: Chin, Wingle, Me and Matthew. the ones sitting are Ann, Azie, Dennis and Brian. yep, crazy dudes. we had so much fun together esp during the workshops. it's my first time attending the workshops at Rainforest Music Festival, and it's definitely a great experience for me.

one of the concert performed on that night. I didn't move from my spot at all so all my shots are taken from far. should have walked around the place and snap more photos but meh. the place was too wet and muddy, and unlucky for me I was wearing sport shoes on that day. i don't wana get myself uncomfortable while watching the concerts.

anyways it was a blast. well not all performances were awesome. a few selected ones yes. and guess who I bump into? Faye~!!! with her family~ Faye joined me during the concerts and we danced with the music like nobody's business :P here's a photo of Faye~

Yep~ peace to all XD

ok thn. the photos I'm gona post next are from last night's gathering with Hou Kee, Aylwin, Mee Kok, Piaw, Milton and Wern Thing. it was damn funny how I started planning this. it was in the afternoon when Hou Kee called me up, I was shocked as I didn;t know he's back in town. so he asked me who else was back and I told him who and who etc . the next thing I knew, I was left with the job to find the others and think of the place and time to gather together. LOL!

so I decided the place to be at Tarot Cafe: good food, drinks and atmosphere. and goosh. from 7.30pm till 12 am we talked non-stop. One stories after another. Stories about how they have their classes and practical..experiments.. their travels to other parts of the European countries etc etc etc. A LOT. and they're just getting juicer and juicer by the minute. and we laughed soooooo hard at our past events which happened during our last 2 years of secondary school, of how foolish and funny we all were last time.

btw, Hou Kee brought his new toy a.k.a external flash for me to play around. it's so damn heavy O.O''

the timing for this photo is just perfect. muahahaha~!!! that's Milton at the side and Hou Kee's playing with his cam.

listening to Aylwin's juicy story :)

Meekok, Piaw and Milton... still listening at Aylwin's story :P

LOL. and this is when Hou Kee was demonstrating on how to do CPR on a mouse!

photo courtesy of Hou Kee. he took this pic using his cam. and it's me and Wern Thing!!! too bad Wern Thing had to left early and missed out the stories told at the end.

yup. that's basically about it. unless you want to see the photos of me getting my tooth pulled off, and no there's no photo on that =_='''

but I'm definitely looking forward to my weekend, as there are going to be 3 activities at one go: following my parents to the CHM1 charity fair; have a picnic at the Santubong beach with my LKW/photographer/anime gang; and Jerusha's birthday dinner on Sunday night :) not to forget about my plan with Yen the horny lobster to groom our hair next week XD my hair is farking long and fugly right now and i just don;t like it bcoz it makes me look so.. so... not cool in pictures.

so expect more photos to come next week.

right now I;m just gona find some DVD to watch first XD


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