it's the last week of July, and also the last week of my holiday. this time next week I will be back in my little room at Cyberjaya, working on my work and also final year project.

sorry for not updating that frequently even though i'm in a holiday... well.. last week it's just hectic. packed with outings after outings. i was damn happy at first, being asked to join this and that activities... but towards the end of the week I grew really tired and just wanted to stay at home and read some books, or just randomly surfing the net.

yes I promised to upload photos on some of the activities i joined and had fun in. i think the most hectic and enjoyable day was on the 18th July, last Sunday, coz from early morning till night, i'm out and running about. maybe I'll just start blogging about what happen that day first.

*not gona post many photos. some highlights would do*

18 July (morning) - Chung Hua Middle School no. 1 charity sale

my parents are the alumni of the school. and they participated in the charity sale so i was dragged there too at 7 .30 a.m. i was kinda annoyed at that time. i mean, i want my beauty sleep lah..

posters the students did to promote their stalls. very creative and fun i should say :) they sell LOTS of food, different kinds of fooood, like even a whole roasted chicken, random items, balloons, vegetables, booths with games and prizes to be won, karaoke room, ghost house, even Ray's Saloon was there to provide cutting hair service for just RM6!

i wandered off to look around the school, and took photos of interesting stalls..and stuff.

look! horsey!!!! nah, I didnt get to ride them. but they let me pat them though :)

and a snake. there's a showroom of some interesting reptiles... it was RM 2 per entry, and I peeked inside the room to found that the reptiles weren't many. lucky I didn't waste my RM 2 for that.

and i must tell you, this was my favourite place during that morning. translation: old books for sale, RM 1 each.

BOOKS!!! ANTIQUE BOOKS FILLING UP THE WHOLE LAB!!!! it's not just a book heaven for me, but also a photography subject heaven!

and look what i found in here.

OLD TYPEWRITERSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! i was actually thinking to ask whether are these for sale as well.

yes. books are treasures. in the end I boughtg 5 books from there. 5 friggin antique books for RM 5.

... just look at the crowd that went that day....

anyways, there's also this Jeep car show at the front of the school.

and I took some photos of my parents 'driving' the old Jeep.

yuhooooooo~~~ aren't they look cute in here XD like kids found a new toy to play with :P

ok. enough about the charity sale. i'm gona continue on to blog about the beach trip which I had on that very same day.

18 July (afternoon) - pinic at Pasir Pandak

actual plan was to go to Santubong. and the objective of this picnic was a 'family' gathering before Azie leaves for KL, and also to celebrate Kenan's birthday =D

we were like 10 year old kids running around on the beach, and making sand castle!!!! do you know how fun is that?! esp when building it with your friends and arguing with each other about how it should be done? yep we are still kids alright :P

run run run!!! both Wingle and Azie are so energetic in this pic while Dennis is just.. ... emo-ing at the back :P

ok. these are the sissy dudes who didn't want to get under the sun :P

LOL. and look who we met at the beach? it's YEN!!!!! oh my horny lobster!!! XDDD what a coincidence!!!

wohuuuuuuu!!!! don't I just look sexy here??!! ;DDDD thanks Wingle for taking this photo. ahahahaha! next time i should just wear a bikini :P

riight... *singing California Girls from Katy Perry*

18 July (night) - Jerusha's 21st birthday

I'm truly honored to be invited to her birthday dinner, as it's only made for 10 people to attend, and I'm one of the 10 =D

it's the birthday girl Jerushaa~~~ =DDD her outfit was so cute that night~! totally sweet XD

ok. just wana post a pic of me together with Jerusha. btw, we had her birthday celebrated at Jambu restaurant, which is owned by her grandparents :D It's my first time hanging out there and I like the atmosphere. lots of ang mohs go there too :P

yay~ group photo of all of us :D

me, Hou Kee and Faye shared a gift for Jerusha, which is a jewelry hanging sculpture thing, where she can hang all her jewelry =D

I really had a great time that night, though my arms are terribly sun burnt, as you can clearly see from the photos. LOL. they all noticed it too, and I told them my incredible weekend :P


:update on 5th Aug:

I really still have so many outings and events to blog about. those who follow my Facebook would know how many activities I've gone to during the last 2 weeks of my holidays, before going back to Cyberjaya. it was so eventful that I felt so tired every time when I got back home and got lazy to blog anything :P thinking what to type sometimes is a tiring task XD

there's this barbecue organised by Aylwin at his house and most of our close 5I gang were there.

barbecue at the car porch XD

Aylwin's choc gift from Europe :P

Cheers~~ I didnt have my drink with me tat time :P

group photo!!!

and thn the Pansuh Party organized by both Aylwin and Hou Kee :P it was so hilarious that night to see Hou Kee and the rest of us preparing the Ayam Pansuh and Lemang, as we're all noob! lol! well except for Diana, as she's seen her aunt made them before :P anyways..

Hou Kee the banana man~!! =D

going to smoked the bamboo with ayam and lemang inside. yumm~

Ayam Pansuh! damn delicious la ok~~

and also the only 2 good looking lemang, with the rice actually stays in place XD

eat eat eat~~

more chocs from Aylwin, and Cindy was definitely so happy that night XD

last but not least, we managed to arrange a visit to Lee Lao Shi house again, our primary 4 to primary 6 teacher!

she still looks the same as before, after 9 years!!! XDD

alright. i guess that's all for now, and I bet you guys must be tired of waiting for these photos to load. or your eyes just couldnt take all in anymore. LOL. so i'll stop here.

and I definitely so gonna blog about my 21st birthday celebration :)

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