Oh. My. God.

I've been away for too long. and I seriously think that my blog is dead and no one's ever bother to read it now. Right now the only reason that I keep this blog (and write occasionally) is because this would be a record of my life a.k.a my story, no matter how subtle some of the posts are.

But yeah, I have a good solid reason of why I'm not updating my blog much. I am busy. Yes I'm still busy just that this morning I just told myself to do something else instead of work, and I haven't even started with my final year project yet, and I start to worry about it. Just the 3rd week of the semester and I'm getting lack of sleep, because of deadlines..I have to put my class assignments aside and I really getting worried. Doing animation is not an easy task, especially I expect a lot from my own work this time.

Anyways, Guan Yin Niang Niang said that I'll have a super good life and prosperous in this 2nd half of the year, and I believe in her. So I guess everything will turn out fine in the end, as long as I start taking action :P

OK! Enough ramblings. August is my month. Seriously. I turn 21 this month!!!! So of course, after 2 years of quiet celebration, I told my crazy bunch of buddies months ago that I want my 21 to be fun, or different. And so this bunch of close LKW buddies (namely Richie, Chain, Wienie, Albert, Allen and Arthur) threw me this awesome dinner / birthday celebration at Hard Rock Cafe, KL. Even my sister went as well :DD I am still grateful and touched.

We went on my birthday eve. At first I just thought we were gona have dinner and some beers and wine there. It's not cheap eating there and the dinner is enough of a celebration for me, my friends had done enough that day, even rent a car just to drive all the way down to KL (my sis met me on the spot). The dinner truly, was enough, not to mention very delicious also. So when the birthday cake came around 12.05 a.m 5th August, I was shocked! Touched! OMG! WTH?! THEY STILL BOUGHT A CAKE FOR ME?! =DDDDDDD

yes. I can say that my 21 birthday celebration was matured and classy. Great dinner with beers and wine, and live band playing at the back, chit chatting with my awesome buddies as well as my sister. Well yeap, right now I'll just post the photos taken during that night :) Most of them are taken by Albert and Wienie :D

First off: Weldome to Hard Rock Cafe! the place with so many ang mohs, leng chai and leng luis XD

me and my sister!!!

she had bought me my first ever perfume! From Benefit. Will post the photo of that later :P

that night. I wore a dress! with pants underneath XD

Group photo! well.. Albert was the one taking this picture. So from the left: Chain (my wifey :P), Allen, Arthur, Richie, Me, Sis and Wienie.

Of course when the food came we all busy with our food and didn't bother to take any more pics :P and they are TASTY! Even though the food i ordered was the steamed salmon set but woah, the quality is so so gooood. And my drink that night was.. okay I'm trying to remember here.. erm.. Southern Rock! yes! It's like a cocktail drink, mixture of Vodka..whiskey..more liquor.. and lime. LOL. I like it XD

Well because that night our seating was at the dance floor in front of the stage. Therefore after 10.30pm, where the live band will start, we were moved to the other side and just having our drinks :D

Us with our drinks :D

the live band that performed that night. They performed quite a number of songs, including Uncle Cracker's "Smile" and Train's "Hey Soul Sister", which we enjoyed the most :P

me with Albert and Wienie, the sweetest couple on Earth XD and lol! Wienie was playing with my left hand that time :D

Ok, so this was when the birthday cake came, and I was told to stand on the chair while they all sang birthday song to me :P aaawwwww~~~

lol! and just beside the Hard Rock Cafe was this hotel which I forgot the name of it, and in front parked 2 rows of Ferrari and Lamborghini!!! so this is the photo of me and my ride XD

and as promised. A photo of my first ever perfume :D it's called Sofia, and the scent is the sweet kind, and according to sister, the smell is similar to the Britney Spears perfume she uses. XD

Ok. Other than this birthday celebration that my buddies had prepared for me, I must say that I;m blessed with many awesome friends.. 2 days before my birthday, Miin Yuann and Wienie asked me out for a karaoke session :D at first I thought, again, just a fun outing with friends, esp Miin Yuann whom I've not hang out with so for long, since I moved to Cyberia to stay. in the end they chia me sing. I was really 'paiseh' that time O.O'''

I didn't take my camera that day so I used my phone. which is crappy (1.3 megapix. what do y expect? :p)

yay!! My girlfriends!!! We used to hang out and sleep together (yes all 3 of us) when I was still staying at the campus hostel XD

and then on that weekend, my cousin Ah Ching brought me to have a very warm feeling afternoon tea, at Winter's Warmers @ The Curve. She paid for my drink

tada~~~ lovely and cooling juice especially on a hot day!

and then, I got another birthday cake on the following Monday, went to another karaoke session with 2 of my karaoke kaki a.k.a brothers a.k.a classmates Wai Long and Dylan, and their gang of friends too. another crazy bunch XD

they purposely wrote 'Itchy' on the name plate there. LOL! but still, thanks a lot lah~ already told them not to buy me cake liaw but they still went and got one for me...

yeap. I'm surrounded with awesome people, family and friends. Thanks to all those too who have wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook, and smses. I had a wonderful 21 celebration thanks to all of you :)

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