my Restaurant City evolution =D

25 June 2009

19 July 2009

10 Aug 2009

6 September 2009

11 October 2009

12 March 2010

12 May 2010

20 August 2010

in the end my friends thought I was using cheats =__='''


hana said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "in the end my friends thought I was using cheats"

Its like now when you are naturally pretty, people will say 'she did plastic surgery' XD

anyways, why you so wu liao snap shots of fb games ah i must do that too! Although I am the type of person where once I design something I will never ever change it ever for I am too lazy XD

eiChi said...

LOL Hannah~! yalah~ got a few accused me oledy XD

and RC is the only FB game that I keep on playing for so long :P and somehow it makes me feel abit proud when ppl thought I used cheats but actually I didnt XD muahahahaha!