After 4 long years, I finally change my blog's template. and no, I didn't bother to make my own template at all because I'm lazy. Creating my own banner is already something that represents my personality and style.

Ok so actually I was just clicking around in blogger today and only found out new Template Designer, and I gave it a try... click here click there, accidentally removed my old template, tried to find and edit a new suitable template for my blog, uploaded my website's background, changed colors etc, in the end might as well make a new banner too.

I say again. I'm lazy. So don't expect something fancy. Minimalistic and Japanese clean cut influence design are my preferences now. If you follow my Tumblr you would know :)

Right.. since my blog just changed a new look, I really gotta be hardworking and keep writing posts. I've decided. I shall post my Final Year Project progression on here every now and then, this would keep my blog interesting, in a way making sure that I'm on schedule for the final production as well :)

But I haven't scanned or taken any photos of my progression yet, so I'll just post up something which I just took earlier.


no I didn't make it. My housemate made it for himself and I tell you, if he weren't studying as a designer, he would be the best chef in town. Trust me :)


hana said...


I should revamp mine too but it still looks neat to me so I am lazy to touch it.

Anyways, I always read your blog hor so keep blogging! You're in my google reader XD

eiChi said...

Thanks Hannah~~ XD yea most of the time we're so lazy to change the template. mine took me 4 years eh. haha XD

and I just knew that we can add blogs as subscription in Google Reader...:P