I was truly determined to not join my sis's company trip to Singapore. Well.. I was.. until something happened made me realized that I would become like a recluse if I stayed, do my assignment every day, without any entertainment other than the internet. I really shudder at the thought. I fear of routined lifestyle. That's why in the very last minute, I called up my sis saying that I want to go to Universal Studio. LOL.

There goes my money saving plan :/ There's just a lot of things that I need after I graduate. Things I need: a new place to stay (gotta pay rental), a car (in order for me to learn driving), USB internet (when I start working and live by my own... I don't think I'll get streamyx), an iMac (gotta have a proper desktop to do my freelance) and a new pair of glasses (yes this falls under 'need' because the current one is already 5 years old and my poor eyesight has worsen in these few years..). All these things mentioned above, I want to get them using my own money. not my sis's. Her burden is too much and I want to handle my own things, unless it's really hard for me to achieve. but I'll try no matter what, to live without depending on others.. financially.

But that means I gotta secure my job first and get a steady income. and that brings back to my final year project. it's going to be my stepping stone of whether I get the job or not, and maybe get a juicer income.

Yes I'm working hard on it.

1 scene per day. maximum 2 scenes. as in proper animation, color and background. not the finishing. the overall editing and finishing will be done only after every scene is completed and composited together.

So far I've completed the first 2 scene of it.

Ya.. I'm glad I gotten the style I want..somehow.. textured colorful background, with a bit of awkward..edgy shapes and angles =D

Alright! seeing the first few seconds that have already been produced out motivates me even more~! and also means that I can truly have fun in Singapore without feeling any guilt of not doing anything yet :P

so for now. Happy Holidays to me! =DDD

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