Be warned, this post is photo-heavy.

because I'm back from Singapore Universal Studio and of course sharing photos is a must! =D

yay! I WAS THERE!!!

We went on Monday, as it's stated that it's cheaper on weekdays. But wooaahh.. the place is packed with tourists!! and since it's located in the Khatulistiwa region, the weather is so damn hot. nonetheless the heat wasn't stopping us from enjoying ourselves with countless activities and photo shooting inside the international movie theme park.

The Entrance to Universal Studio

Our tickets to the theme park

the Universal Studio souvenir shop

A camera shop selling tools and equipments! Really like the design of the shop!

photo of my beloved big sister. looks like Asian Carrie Bradshow is out in town :P

and here comes the Madagascar section!!!


yep. group photo together with the 4 stars from Madagascar! We're a happy family XD

and what the hell?!! King Julien's Beach Party go Round?? the kids are in danger :P

teh ceiling of the shop selling all Madagascar merchandise. these cunning penguins never fail to make me laugh XD

most of the rides at the Madagascar section are for kids and families. then we moved on towards the Far Far Away land XD

this is James, posing at the Far Far Away sign post :D

the castle!

on the street of Far Far Away!!

we went to ride the Enchanted Ride and upon reaching the entrance... we saw this inside the 'ticket selling counter'. what the gingerbread man....

the Enchanted Ride was.. fast, and short. less than a minute. O.O'' it's meant for kids anyway. haha! then we stepped into Shrek's merchandise shop.

and I bought the gingerbread man in my arm :P

and here comes Jurrassic Park!

we didn't play any rides here in the Jurassic Park. well, there's one river ride which we were so eager to try, but didnt manage to because the queue has to wait for 2 hours!!!

during our journey towards the Mummy section, we crossed a bridge where we could see the overview of the theme park :D see the big ship and big tree? those are from Madagascar!!!

me with the extreme Human vs Cyclone ride at the back.

okay, the MUMMY RETURNS!

this is the entrance to the MOST EXCITING RIDE EVER!!!!!!!! how can I describe it? err.. thrilling.. gripping...extreme high speed... backward rides anyone? this indoor roller coaster is not for the faint hearted. i strongly recommend this to anyone who's going to the Universal Studio. too bad we couldn't bring any things inside, so there's no photos from there.

The entrance to Waterworld, another BEST SHOW in the whole theme park!

it's truly a live-action show! with gun-fire sounding everywhere, fake explosions, people falling into the water from higher grounds, actor on flames!!! one thing i couldn't manage to shoot was the sudden explosion and the appearance of a small plane hurling into the set.

even the setting design itself is great! look at this piece of art. it's actually a bench :P

next~ to infinity and beyond~~~~

it's the Sci-Fi world, where this thing lays :P

lol. and also a free model for me to shoot :P

aaaaaaaaaand we arrived at NYC. where we took almost 50% of the photos here :P

thn we went to the back alley to take even MORE photos :DDDD

one of my favs :P

sisters :DDD

lol gangster shot!

after the alley we came to the port area :P

yes my FAV photo!

Amane taking a rest on one of the barrels :P

sis with vintage ride

me with vintage ride :P

omg i super like my pose here XD

Ching with vintage ride XD

the a-go-go performance outside the retro restaurant :P

Clarissa was the witch!

and I was the cop! :P do i look fierce enough?

it's not clear but the plate says Julie Andrews :P

By the time we finished playing the rides, watching the shows, taking photos and buying souvenirs. the sky was already dark.

last but not least. my haul from Universal Studio (except the National Graphic one :P)

alright. this is the end of post. FINALLY!!! this post took me almost 2 hours to complete. =___= k, hope you enjoy the photos. I gotta get back to my work now :P

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hana said...



And omg the mummy ride I hated it. I never expected that at all. I saw nothing cuz I spent the whole time screaming with my eyes shut :\

Got nothing right? Except neon mummy outlines if im not mistaken and then when you stop at one place got creepy laugh and insect sounds and air blowing at your as if its crawling all over you wteff mad scary!

Eh you should have tried the Jurassic one! MY FAV! idk if its the same as in LA here but in the summer we get very wet cuz they splash water like mad :D And the 50ft drop with the T-rex at the end is nice!

And you got haul stuff! I never haul stuff from theme parks cuz they are always soooo expensive T____T

I want the gingerbreadman!

I want to go SG Universal Studios after seeing the pics. Not bad at all! very different from the one here. The one here is kinda....old. lols.