It's one of a hell hectic and eventful week. with so many things and deadlines to rush, as well as enjoying my time with my family, who had come over the weekend to celebrate mid-autumn festival, and also my sister's new house house-warming party. my sis has finally achieved one her dreams in her life, congrats sis! :D

well as requested, no photos of the interior of her house is to be uploaded.

and I found this on my sister's working desk. such nostalgia. me and my sis have really come a long way to who we are now. can't help thinking too of how much love and care have our parents given us throughout all these years.

sis definitely looks like a younger mum, and I look exactly like my dad... hence my boyish attitude and handsome face. ah such lame excuse XD

anyways, me and my friends, who are formerly from Kuching LKW campus as well, had celebrated mid-autumn festival with style: steamboat+ mooncakes + beer + wine. really one crazy night it was .. haha!

group photo. we all have known each other for 3 years, the first time we stepped into Kuching LKW campus. well.. except for Ivan, who attended the same high school with me XD

beautiful traditional paper lanterns!!!! all bought and brought all the way from Kuching by Michelle~!!!!!!

madness. the beers were all in the fridge at the time I took this. that night, I finally know my alcohol limit. well I wasn't drunk. I was high, to the point that my still conscious mind told me to stop. yes I'm still a good girl :D

and now the good girl gotta sign off and be a workaholic again. these days I'm just craving for more jobs and money, because I'm envious of people who can get whatever things they want without actually working hard to get them. lucky rich people.


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