October is seriously not my month. It's like the month has something against me and keep on making my life miserable.

My laptop was stolen, so as my precious back pack that I'd been using for 7 years. My final year project which I'd been saving inside my laptop due to lack of space in my hard disk, is totally gone now too. All my hard work during the previous weeks just turned to dust. I was devastated, sad and angry. How could this had happened to me just when i am about to graduate?

I don't know what is Buddha playing with me, but i believe everything happen for a reason. I am the chosen one, because Buddha knows I'm capable of overcoming such obstacles at such crucial time. Buddha wants me to grow stronger and tougher. My strength and ability are put on test now, and i must show to all that I am not easily to be defeated, that no matter what happens, I'd still be on top.

left 5 weeks only to redo and complete my whole final year hybrid animation. eiChi, be tough, nothing is impossible.

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