taking refugee at sister's house now, and using her laptop to do my work. couldn't even sleep well during my 2 nights back at Cyberia. I'm having trauma ... great. can't even let me have a proper good sweet memory before I leave this place in 2 months time.

anyway. just a brief update about my so much happening life. so I manage to continue doing my final year project without having any problem... so far... it's just 1 month left. just wish me all the best that I can finish everything in time.

Our class had this mock interview with some industrial guests from well known post production studio based in Damansara, Pixel Post studio. We have to come out with our own promotional items a.k.a name card, cover letter, envelope, resume, CD... just basic stuff, we are multimedia designers, which means everything is in the CD, not much printing is needed. yay :D

so these are my very very basic promotional items. feel like crying when compare to the pro people who are pro in this. ahaha...

and a picture of my temporary business card. front and back.

taking a different design approach this time. used to do personal items the cute and colorful way. but this time i want to show that my design sense has matured, cute and colorful won't get me far in this field. well. still colorful is a must for me, it has become sort of like a trademark of mine. just that the style, the typefaces, the overall concept, is more towards classy and.. and... aggressive? when my sis looked at my name card she likes it straight away coz it looks so energetic and full of life. ok so i still remain my cute illustration part. but only a the bottom there.. with faded color.

i think my overall promotional items clearly reflects my design habit: colorful, serious and fun in a way. hmm.. what do you think?

ok. so u may wonder how my interview session was. the whole interview started at 11 a.m, lasted until 2 pm. and i was the LAST to call in to be interviewed. rumour is that 'save the best for last'. i 50% doubt that. right.. so the interview went well, they like my resume, they like all my video, animation and motion graphics work. the only mistake i made was not stating clearly of which position I wanted to apply in the cover letter. but still, one sentense from them make me feel proud of myself. "you have everything that we are looking for" or something like that.. can't remember properly the exact sentense. anyways, so I think it all went well :D

alriight~ it's time for me to get some dinner. i have still a looong night to go :) lots of scenes to be drawn, again.

wonder where my fav Jansport backpack and ASUS are now :/

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