say hello to my showreel 2010 :D if you think this is nice, please go to the original video at Youtube and like it. hahah! but i've seen better, my classmate who is pro in Adobe Effects, has successfully wowed all of us with his. ok but i really really like mine not because well, it's mine. but the music i've chosen to make this showreel :D i've always like doing motion with music, so i took almost a week to carefully sought out the possible music from my 50 GB music folder, and glad that i have this song.

it's Sweet Gravity from Japan's electronic musician De De Mouse (quite an amusing name :D), and he is known for making music like this, how to say... i saw this one word on Youtube describing his work - electropoppy. yep. i like it so much that i keep on spamming the song. here's a full track of Sweet Gravity, which i;m sure is not everyone's cup of tea. but still, sharing is caring :D

how is it? for me it's really really sweet. well not the romance type of sweet, but the warm, cute sweet, like a kid is licking a lollipop while the other hand is holding tons of colourful balloons, and playing in a fantasy wood. and then there's the carousel, where he meets the other kids, and they all having fun together, and more lollipops and balloons, maybe add some ice cream, then the carousel starts hovering off the ground and flying the kids to the sky, into the clouds. omg. too bad there's no 'like' button here or else i'll be liking my interpretation. hahahaha!!!

ok. i'm definitely promoting the song more than my showreel. but i'll just assume that you guys are gona like both videos.

anyway, so this showreel (k back to the main character), it is for both the Professional Studies class as well as our graduation exhibition, which will falls on 18th December this year. details of the exhibition will be coming out soon. trust me, it IS different than any other serious design exhibition you've seen. ours is like.. a monster playground. so stay tune :D

oh ya, remember the interview i had last week? i got an email from them just this Monday! stating that i'm shortlisted and hoping to have a true, real interview session with me once graduate! oh such good news. but one thing in the email from them makes me feel pressured. it's the line 'can't wait to see your final project'. looking at my current progression right now, and the quality of it, i feel down.... maybe i'm still back at the starting stage, no effects and backgrounds added yet, that's why the whole project feels so empty and... pitiful =___='''

which, bring me to update you all about a good news. my final year project submission has being given permission to be extended until Week 18. the actual submission date in in Week 15, and now it's in Week 12, which also means, i have 6 more weeks to go! and this permission also aplies to my other 2 classmates :D

ok we have our reasons for given that privilledge. our lecturers have selected us 3 to contribute motion graphics for the upcoming local entertainment award-giving event, SHOUT! Awards. here. the link.

my god. imagine my work is going to be on the big screen on such big event. wow. this is definitely better than doing the Nokia widget! as I said before, music + motion is my ultimate fav! anyway, it's not just us 3, in total there are 10 students from different class, and each have to come out a 30 secs looping graphics for the event. u may think 30 secs video is an easy task, well it's not. it gotta have a concept, a well visual effects treatment. this task is to be due in 2 weeks time, which sort of clashed with our final year project submission, that's why, we are given the extension period. oh i'm so excited to start this task! =DDD

riiight. time to stop blogging and have some more time doing things other than work. really, i was fully recharged, 7 hours night sleep plus 3 hours nap. this is my Friday night, and i will only welcome my work when the clock strikes 12 :)


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