nothing beats the classic Christmas songs :) yup i'm listening to a whole album of Christmas classics now. it's December... it's the same thing year after year, that we all will be posting something like this: this year is ending soon, and then we all start making new year resolutions.

I must say I don't have time to think what new year resolutions, but i have plans. I've made plans and started doing them one by one now. It's funny, how i complained about the assignments workload and still had time to feed my employees in Restaurant City, expand my empire in My Empire, and attack pirates in Pirates Ahoy, all on Facebook. Now, with all the plans started running, I barely have time for these games, but i found myself not complaining at all. a workaholic i am?

in 2 days time, I'll be graduating from my 4 year degree course. 4 years went passed just like that. scary. and to think that I've found a job which will start in January 2011, within a month time! I am lucky, and sort of amazed of how i just kept on moving forward in these 4 years timw without stopping, and will continue to move on. the thought is just unbelievable that I'll be moving forward in the real world soon, not the safe and sheltered campus anymore.

I still remember the ups and downs during my first year foundation course I had in Kuching, that year was a year I experienced a lot of new things, getting a bit more freedom from parents. then it comes to the first year of studying in the Cyberjaya campus, of coz, 3 a.m mamak gathering was a must, and getting to know a lot more different kind of people. while the 2nd and 3rd year (this year) of degree, everything just went by too fast, too many events, too many assignments, too many outings, too many L4Ds, and then BAM! final project. and now? graduation is at the corner. wow.. time doesnt wait for anyone. really.

friends are leaving. yes I'll definitely miss them, especially my buddies, and dearest housemates. we cook, eat, game, shop, joke etc together. 2 years of living together with my housemates, we never have an argument before. never have we shouted at each other (except during gaming sessions). they are the best housemates I ever had, going to miss them like crazy when I live by myself in the future.

4 years. 21 years old . a whole new chapter of my life has begun :)

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