It's a brand new year. I've missed out the chance to blog about my graduation, my thoughts on year 2010, and some new year resolutions, all of them before the calendar changes its year.

My graduation just passed 2 weeks ago, it was a meaningful day and I was sad, not about leaving the campus, but leaving all my buddies after all these years of being together almost everyday (except on holidays of course). I was informed before the graduation day that I got myself a Chancellor's Award, pretty awesome and on the day itself I received the award from the hand of Queen of Pahang!

My family came of course to the graduation ceremony, as well as my cousin. My mother was so eager to pass me the bouquet of flowers right after they saw me. To me, the whole graduation things seems unreal to me, as if it must be a joke that I had finished my studies; to them, it is pride to see their little girl has finally put on the mortarboard, and received award :P

I'm not just into the mood to blog about my life in 2010, well.. maybe it's because it's 2 a.m now and my eyelids are getting heavy. Reminiscing the good times happened within the year 2010 is good, but we have to move forward and don't look back. What happened in 2010 stays in 2010, the good or the bad. People mature, and I really begin to feel myself myself getting old as I just don't get the point of getting so hype up over the change of number.

Even so, 2011 is really going to be a special year for me, as it's the first year that I'm stepping out properly into the working society and become a working woman. Lots of things need to be learned , no more child's play assignments but real serious projects. The main thing that I wish for, is to better myself even more and gradually move myself up. Up to which level it doesn't matter yet, as long as I'm moving forward and upward.

As for my new year wish to everyone, it's EVERYBODY (including me, wahahaha) HUAT AHHHH!!!!! ('huat' means prosper in Hokkien)

2011, the world still revolves around money.

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