This. is already the 3rd week of January 2011, my 3rd week of working life.

How should I describe it? hmm... totally.. out of my imagination. Doing compositing / motion graphics for work all day long, is so much difference than doing them for assignment. Assignments? Datelines are usually in a week or two. Work? It could just be tomorrow, or just plain 'later please give it to me'. Within these 3 weeks, I've been staying back in office to finish off work for 3 times already. First one, on a Saturday, until 8pm. 2nd time, last week, until 2 a.m. and then today, until 10.30pm. Note: usual leaving time is 7pm.

But it's not just me who has been this busy. The whole office is. Some even stay overnight in the office just to wrap up the work. Welcome to the post-production life guys.

and again. I'm surrounded by guys in the department I'm in. There's just one other lady which is my senior. and we all get a long very well, considering that we go crazy together when work starting to get a little bit mess up.

So far... life is good. Found a cheap apartment unit with my friends to stay in ... gotta learn to be independent even though sis has got a house. well, hers and my future-brother-in-law's house. so... yeah I want my own crazy corner which is somewhat prohibited in their house.

Right... I just summed up my first 3 weeks of 2011. it's work everyday. I really do miss all the schooling days... where problems are so much easier to solve.

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Boon Lee said...

life postgraduate must be very different. don't stop blogging about them! miss you :)