March is almost at its end. and I've been sick for almost a month. Wasn't able to sleep well with all the workloads. This is crazy. Hell I'm going to sleep like a dead person when I go back to my hometown for a few days next week.

But still it was an eventful month, friend's birthday...cousin's birthday... supposed-to-be-roommate came and went (LOL!)... working late and staying overnight in office... bought new storybooks....visited the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon fest... another cousin's wedding dinner.. and the best of all, MGMT concert live in KL.

the events like birthdays and got myself a new book are normal stuff... maybe I'll just blog about the last 3 events mentioned.

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fest
Me, Richie and Albert went there after sending Wie Nie off to airport (she's going back to her hometown, got a job there, lucky girl :P) . It was late evening, around 6, 7 pm when we reached there, and wow it's damn lot of people.

My camera lens was covered with water vapour after I got out of Richie's car, feeling experimental, I took shots of ht air balloon with the vapour still covering the lens, and these are how the photos look like

so misty.. and mysterious.. and... cinematic. which is just great!

I took many more shots until the vapour gradually disappears and return to its normal clean state.
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this one of course.. was photoshoped for color enhancement. You know, I learn a great deal about color correction at my work place there, color processing knowledge that I didn't experiment before during my schooling years.

one of my favourite shot. though it's dark a bit. but hey it's non-photoshop edit! this shot was taken during the time where the vapour slowly disappears in the middle.

by this time, the sky finally turns dark and the lens had no more vapour on top of it. did I tell you guys that I miss photography so much! Finally I can get my hands on my camera again and snap!

and it's a huge Doraemon hot air balloon, all the way from Japan. The one behind Doraemon is actually a Darth Vader face hot air balloon, didn't manage to snap a proper picture of it.

the erm.. day closing ceremony event. see the crowd? this is just one part of it.

we all thought that they are going to fly the hot air balloon up again for the closing ceremony, but then they just played Katy Perry's 'Fireworks' and started shooting fireworks at a side. slightly disappointed I was :/ I really wanted to see Doraemon up up in the sky.

Cousin Louise's Wedding Dinner

She got married before Chinese New Year, at Kuching, my hometown, but because of the timing... most of us family members from West Malaysia couldn't manage to go back. and since her husband is West Malaysian, they organized another wedding dinner again just for us, and their KL colleagues.

somehow the KL wedding dinner culture irks me a bit... supposedly the dinner was starting at 7pm, but the actual starting time was around 8 or 8.30pm (can't remember, too hungry waiting for the food to arrive that time :P) , and it all ended at 11.30pm. If it's happening in Kuching, the dinner will start at 7 plus minus pm and ends at like.. 9.30 or 10pm. early.

anyway, cousin Louise was preettyyyy~~ :D her happiness could be seen all over her face!!! seriously!!!

My big uncle and aunty, with their happy daughter and son-in-law :D

and now i'm hoping to see a baby bump soon on her tummy area XD

you know, I decided to blog about MGMT's concert some other time because right now, it's lunch time, and I'm getting hungry. *plus I want my MGMT post to be on its own! hahahahaha!!!

It was an awesome performance from them! k ta!

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