finally, the long awaited day and event. MGMT live in KL! WUHOOO!!!!

It was my first time attending an independent (indie) band concert, and it's one of my favourite bands too! Definitely still feeling happy about that!

Let me tell you something funny about our experience of getting their to the concert venue. well.. the ticket says start at 8pm, my buddies Richie and Chain came to fetch me at around 7.30pm, since the venue was near my place. Who knows, one wrong turning almost made us feel we were going to miss the concert. Apparently the KL roads are too confusing even the guide on Google Map on iPhone got haywire at certain time as well. We drove all the way down to Batu Caves.. (note, the venue was at Bukit Kiara, Damansara) took us about half an hour driving, missing turns, reloading the map, then only arrived at the venue. AND WE WERE SO RELIEVED that we finally found the place!

and we were relieved even more that the concert hadn't even started yet! People were still gathering outside, or just lining up at the concert entrance there. And I should blog about the different kinds of people I saw there. Honestly I got a bit of culture shock. The last two concerts I went were Jay and A-Mit ones, where the audience are 99% Chinese, which most of them were wearing normal t-shirts, pants or shorts. This one, it's like 1/3 Malays/natives, 1/3 Chinese, 1/3 Ang Mohs... and 90% of them dress up for the concert. When i say dress up, I mean like.. wild crazy hair accessories, stockings, heavy makeups, sexy clothing, hippies, guys with fashionable outfits, tights... and I thought I was lady enough to put little blushes on my cheek O.O'' but seriously i don't get it, why dress up when you know later the concert starts you're gona get sticky and sweaty?

Anyways, we felt unbelievable that we managed to get there even though we got really lost on the road. And when we entered the concert hall..the feeling is just.. wow... we were there! XD

sorry for my bad camera phone quality. didn't bring my DSLR because I want to enjoy the music there.

it's me and Richie! photo courtesy of Richie with his iPhone and taken by Chain.

so we were excited for the concert to start, which only happened after almost 2 hours.... at 10.30pm, before that there was this band performing 5 songs..... and I kind of pity them as everyone was just there to see MGMT, not them...and they sort of received cold response after performing certain songs... but yeah. we wanted MGMT!!!

and the crowd went wild when they appeared on stage! wuhooo!!!!! They started off with the song 'Flash Delirium', followed my 'Weekend Wars'... slow and easy song at first, and suddenly they changed the mood to the sexy 'Electric Feel'..everyone was like swaying their body to the music, and sing along with them.

MGMT!!!! performing on stage. photo courtesy of Richie

I must say, some songs really sound the best when performing live, matching together with the mood and atmosphere at that time... the songs were perfect, especially 'Time to Pretend', my most favourite performance from them that night. It caught me (i think most of the people too) by surprise when the signature tune of the song started to play, and the crowd straight away cheered! It was such a happy and happening song.. really, I keep on reliving that moment now, I was laughing all the while when this song was played XD I LOVE THAT MOMENT!!!!

again, photo from Richie XD

Another song that caught us by surprise was 'Kids', as we all thought they were going to perform it last :P apparently they didn't. everyone literally jumped with the song and clapped, some just punching the air. Oh wow..the atmosphere was just awesome.

it's them performing 'Kids' :D

Some of the songs performed are from their first album, which I only listened to a few times, not too familiar with them, and most of the encore songs were from the first album. Feeling sad because I wanted them to perform either 'Time to Pretend' and 'Kids' again, my happy songs XD hahaha!

We left after the encore finished, didn't stay back to get MGMT's signature.. haha. no wonder we saw there was still a crowd in front of the stage there after all the lights are on in the hall. Still.. the concert was awesome enough.

One downside of the concert though, is some of the selfish and b*tchy audience. They just pushed and pushed and danced and pushed again without thinking about other people's feelings. Seriously, and they talked loud :/ well but then I respect them for memorizing for most of the songs lyrics. yes only this. ahahaha XD

Alright. MGMT's concert is over. I hope the organizer would bring in other indie bands as well.. preferably from my favorites. ahahaha!!! let's say, MEW! PASSION PIT!! THE NAKED AND FAMOUS! If not then something mainstream like GORILLAZ!!! COLDPLAY!!! LINKIN PARK!!!

Speaking of The Naked and Famous, its my recent favourite, a band from New Zealand. Let;s enjoy this one song from them, 'Young Blood'.


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