different people pursue different kinds of things in life, in different kind of ways too.

I've met one, who talked to me her priority is to success in business making, about how we should now be thinking how to earn good and fast money so that we can be what we want in just a few years.

I've met one, who talked to me his priority is to be the best and climb up to be at the top position in this post production industry, and talked to me about how to achieve the best result in work, about the best psychological way to deal with people, about being the boss without having to be the boss at all.

I've met one, who's my housemate, and who might be reading this, who talked to me about doing meaningful things in life, be content, be spiritually healthy in maintaining a well planned and focus lifestyle.

I've met one, who has all the while being doing the things he loves, living by his own rules and is happy with the choices he makes.

I'm meeting me, who are intrigued by all these people, and think, how about me, my life?

There are really so many.. so many things that I have to learn, to discover, to experience, to deal with. I'm not like them. I'm... like everything in the middle... all I know and clear is that, somewhere along these I'm going to be what I really want in 10 years time, or maybe less.

and I want to meet another one, who will accompany me in pursuing my priority in life.


Yangy said...

You no need to be good enough for the world. You're unique as who you are created. May you continue to grow and glow. =D

eiChi said...

haha! see!! knew you would read one :P thanks mate.

though childish i may be, all these thoughts still give me headaches sometimes, for now, I'll just live. As long as I'm living, doing the things i love and right, getting enough sum to quench my needs, i'm content.

of course the ultimate goal is to become what I've told you the other day.

yup. i'm a random girl with a simple mind. hahaha XD