Want to be known but don't want to be understood.

Want to be heard but don't want to be judged.

Want to be supported but don't want to seem weak.

Facebook, a place for actors and actresses, and sometimes junks.

Twitter, useful, meaningful thoughts. but sometimes there're the spams.

Blog, can't be too personal nowadays.

I think it all goes down to what you choose to see and who you choose to be with.

Social network, for me, it's an important tool to keep valuable contacts happy. sounds selfish, but that's the truth. I have to be known by people so that I can get businesses coming in to me.

everyone is faking it in a way. and I'm one of them. not going to deny it.

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elLy said...

so true..blog can't be any personal nowadays..especially ever since we started working..same feeling here. I'm faking myself too. LOL. Anyways jiayou! Hope to catch up with u in person soon :)