you know, when you start working, I mean like, officially a working man or woman, it is difficult to have time for yourself anymore. But I'm trying hard here to maintain a balance life, life that is dedicated to work and myself.

A balance life for me is that no matter how busy I am, I can still have quality time that is spent with my family and friends, quality time for myself that I can maybe go Borders alone, grab a book and sit at a corner in Borders' Starbucks on a weekend afternoon, or maybe do the things I want to do, or used to do.

I miss photography. I miss painting. I miss the carefree life where I still have the interest in most Animes , Cosplay activities, recording covers... growing up and surviving in this stage of life, all these seem far from me and irrelevant anymore. I can't be like before, blogging about anything that had happened in my daily life, because right now, there can be too many things that happen in just a day, that's why we feel like time is flying past too fast now, and sometimes to me it's like, why bother to blog? why bother to care about them? What happened has happened and it's not like it's a big thing that has to let anyone knows. and certain things happened in workplace better stay put at the workplace.

Certainly I'm handling myself well, or so I think, in this different stage of life. When I look at some of my peers who are still in college or university, sometimes I envy them, for still living at that stage; sometimes I feel a bit sad realizing that my way of thinking changed; sometimes I just feel glad that I'm ahead of them. mixed feelings really.

I'm grateful for the creation of Facebook and Tumblr, seriously. Because those are the platforms that I can now just share the things I like, without really have to describe my feelings towards them. People can know me from the things I post, vaguely, well better than not knowing at all. I'm lazy to please people, lazy to get involved at certain troublesome topics or conversation.

But somehow all these thoughts are just incoherent thoughts. At the end of the day I just live and act at the moment, spontaneously reacting to the course of life, which unexpected events tend to occur most of the time.

And you know, I think I'm just having my mood swings.. it's that time of the month again :/


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