A happy post with recent photos of me!

yes I am VAIN!!! which I think every girl does.

this is me a many weeks ago when my hair is still short, went out to Pavilion had Snowflakes with Azie, Wienie, Albert, Chain and Ivan.

oh how I love and love and love and love the original film effect on this! yep my friend uses a film camera now. I've forgotten the model sadly :/

I look somehow sexy in the photo, no? :D

next this is me and my new housemate, Kok Quin!

taken just last Sunday! me, her together with another guy Chek (our university mate) went for a 4-hour karaoke session! ahahahaha!!! it was great, with Quin represent the Cantonese songs, me mandarin songs, and Chek English hits :P got to listen to some of the songs that I've never heard before, especially most of the Cantonese songs sung by Quin :P

this is me and Chek, who was my classmate of 3 years :3 and one day he;s going to be one famous director, i'm tellin ya!

so that's about it! tonight had Domino pizza for dinner at the office, for some of us had to stay back late just to edit/rush some work. It's nice to work late when there are people accompany me in the office, as we usually get random when it's getting even more late. ahahaha!

It's a love-hate relationship between me and my working life, oh dear.


hana said...

LOVE the first pic!!!!

Glad to see you so happy~ And also blogging haha. I know what you mean about becoming too busy to blog and stuff (previous post) and I wonder how long we can keep this up before out blogs die XD

Still, its fun to read whatever you put out now. Know that I will ALWAYS be lurking XD

eiChi said...

Thank you Hannaahhhhh~~ seriously I really thought no one bother to come my blog anymore (except for the spammers at my chatbox)

I really want to keep my blog alive as long as i live. lol! been blogging for 5 years, don't want to stop just like tat :P should post more happy stuff now since my mood swings are over. :P