Hello happy Saturday morning which I don't have to go to work because it's our nation's King's birthday, and I'm sitting here, thinking of whether I should blog about my HK trip or not. Well, just a brief recap, won't go into details. Just going to blog about the overall feelings I had and thoughts about this trip.

First of all, this HK trip was a family trip, first time ever for my whole family to travel to places farer than Singapore, so it was a very exciting thing for us. My dad has an elder uncle living at Hong Kong so we decided to pay him a visit, turn out that this uncle has sons and the sons have other cousin which is also related to my dad. Basically it's like a super big and far family reunion. My mum's elder aunty lives there as well, and I got to meet an aunt of mine who shares almost the same interest with me.

the big family reunion from my dad's side

What shocked and touched us the most is how kind they all are. Well.. kind is not the best word to describe them. They are beyond kind, they are..passionate in giving us great hospitality..wait, is this even the correct sentence to phrase it? One of my dad cousins gave us one big travel bag of local goods (mostly food) for my parents to take back Malaysia, ONE BIG TRAVELLING BAG!! omg. Another cousin of his payed for the whole trip, including transportation and food, to one of the famous tourist spot of HK, the Dai Yu San , and mind you it's not cheap to pay for all 6 people! and then another cousin had spent his several whole days touring the city with us, bringing us to eat at some of the best Kow Loon and HK restaurant, him paying. While another cousin;s wife fought (and win, lol..) to pay for the bill of the big family reunion dinner one night. As for the relative from my mum's side? My mum's uncle, who's already in his 60s, invited us to their apartment at another side of HK and cooked for us. The food, was native Hakka food, and I swear I had never eaten such warming and delicious food before.

home cook food by my grand uncle!

Till this day I still miss them. Miss all my relatives there. Most of them we had never meet before, not even heard of, until the day my dad set foot on Hong Kong. But still the blood bond is so strong that it didn't need even a minute for the bond to click.

Me and my sister didn't do much shopping there. Well we did buy things, and I managed to get hold of 2 'babies' :) Got myself a FCUK man watch and a Jansport backpack, and also a funky Puma shoes. Rest of the things I got are from the local beauty store, which sprouted out like mushrooms at every nook and corner of the city, and the products? original and damn cheap. Sister told me the shop (which is called Bonjour) is paradise, and you can imagine how long my mum and my sister spent inside that shop. At one time i even got the urge to buy myself a Marc Jacobs bag because everything is just so cheaper over there.

this is how we celebrated my sis's birthday at Hong Kong. the milk is SOO DAMN NIICEEE!!! not like Malaysia one :P

I like Hong Kong, not for the cheap and easy shopping experience, but also for their culture. Yes my cousin from HK told me life in Hong Kong is busy and fast. Everyday on the streets you'll see people walking with fast paced towards their destination, buses filling the roads, and MRT stations are filled with people. The whole city is just so happening, from early morning till late night. I got a bit of culture shock at first when I saw the crowd at the Kow Loon shopping district area (which span over many blocks ) on the night I arrived Hong Kong.

The food there is just authentic and delicious, though I didn't get to eat any of the food selling at local street stalls. Like I've told you, my uncles brought us to eat at local fancy tea restaurants, and I found out that Hong Kong people loovveess to eat, drink tea, and chat with each other to pass their time.

Alright, basically I've summarized much of my Hong Kong experience. Well I didn't really get into the part when I visited some of the famous Hong Kong spots, but that I believe you can read from tourism websites. All I know is that, this Hong Kong trip is special for me and my family, because of my relatives. Am grateful to them and love them to bits :)

family with my mum's aunt :)

*and I forgot to mention that we had a Macau one day trip too :) anyway, photos are up on my facebook page weeks ago. If you in my friend list, yeap you can view them there*

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