this is going to be a music post!

For years, well maybe not years. Just for so long that I have always wanted a decent headphones that can quench my awesome music experience thirst. Before coming out to KL to study and then work, I've always been using my hi-fi at home to blast out my favourite songs.

see that thing in the middle. Yes, that how I listen to awesome albums with before coming to KL.

Well, no matter how I love my hi-fi. I can't bring it all the way here to KL, so my sister bought me a normal Edifier speaker and also a normal pair of white headphone. Time flies and I've been using them for a few years until my headphone broke down so I got myself another pair which is just RM30++. ok I guess. but still I'm not satisfied. There are just too many awesome music out there and I can't fully enjoy them with the cheap sound system I have, so I make up my mind to buy myself a decent pair of headphones ( I love headphones), and is willing to pay more to get them. I am an amateur audiophile!

Sennheiser is my first choice when it comes to headphones. Tried on once 4 years back, during the time I was still in Kuching and has my hi-fi. A year ago I tried on my friend's Sennheiser which costed RM 300++ and god I got blasted away with the great quality of sound that I've never experienced before with a headphone (at that time I still yet to get a new headphone after my white one broke down). so yeah. since now I'm a working woman i decided to treat my ears and music temptation good. So I bought this, recommended by my colleague.

wait. Adidas Orignal? lets see what's stored inside :D

it's an Adidas Sennheiser HD220. I was ecstatic when I first heard of this. I mean, what? Both Adidas Original and Sennheiser collaborated to come out with this awesome product! And of course I didnt buy it straight away, I've done enough research before I chuck out RM300 for this baby.

below info is taken from Sennheiser website:
  • Powerful neodymium magnets for powerful bass-driven stereo sound
  • Closed supraaural design blocks outside noise; creates a controlled environment for better sound
  • Individually adjustable earcups for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Optimised for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
I'm not really a technical person, but I know how to differentiate between good quality sound system and the cheap ones. well at least I think I know :P

Anyways, unboxing my Adidas Sennheiser HD220

the product comes with a pretty pouch that's for me to put my headphone in and carry around.

this is my sister trying out my new baby. She's not really an audiophile, therefore she's quite surprise that this headphone actually cancels out all the outside noise when she had them on. plus we are both love branded items so yes she approves :P

so this is my amateur review of this headphone. I LOVE IT! :D though the bass is not as good as the other super duper more expensive Sennheiser products I've tried on, but hell yeah it's waaaaaay better than the ones I had before. I mean, come on, it's RM 300 and I would never imagine myself to spend this much on audio products few years back. I've always told people that I'm a music person, I seek awesome quality songs and music, and that they are my inspirations in motion graphics and design. And now, I have my perfect pair of headphone which projects sound that can sweep me away from reality and be lost inside the music.

well.. for a more trusted and detailed review of this headphone, please head over to this link instead :)

this is another reason why I bought this headphone. watch these 2 videos below.
Adidas All In commercial 2 mins

Justice - Civilisation music video

The power of the 2 videos and the one song got me so hyped up that I really want to experience them in a much much HD quality. Oh the wonder of branding and marketing, plus the need of getting a good headphone led me into buying this Adidas Sennheiser :D

and I am extremely happy now :DDD

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