there are several things..thoughts.. that I want to blog about..that I want to confess.. to sort them out. but first I just have to write down this dream of mine, which is still so vivid in my mind.

I dreamt this last night.

Somehow I was outside of the house, house similar to mine back at my hometown. I was doing work using my laptop, with all my fav gadgets at the side: my new headphone, hard disks, tablet, iPhone (i inherited my sis iPhone 3G btw.. she bought a new one), chargers... usual stuff. There are people inside the house.. my housemates if I'm not mistaken. They were chit chatting inside the house while I was outside.. working.

Suddenly there's this loud noise sounding from afar. Loud bang..crash..thunder sounding like the Earth just cracked and buildings crumbling down, all these noises came from the right. Soon the earth started to tremble, and me and my housemates were like standing there, shocked for a few seconds...wondering what the hell was happening.

The noises grew louder and louder, as if whatever's happening is coming at us. I was about to rush inside the house to join my housemate when I turned around again, grab my laptop and some other several stuff that I could grab. I was about to take the headphone when I sensed that somethings is getting so near, quickly rushed back into the house and closed the glass door. Right after I closed it, a strong wind current, more like twister + mist + black vapour stuff swept past. It was so big that it took for about a minute to completely pass by our house, and somehow its edges was a few meters away from the door... we were safe, but my leftover gadgets weren't. I watched in horror as I tried to think back what things I had left behind there and might be now swallowed by the unknown phenomenon. Frantically I looked down to check what I'd got in my hands: my laptop, my first small portable hard disk, and my phone. Somehow I felt relieved.

When the sky turned clear and the monstrous sound was no longer to be heard, me and my housemates slowly stepped out from our house, and were met by a sea of wreckage..debris everywhere. Other people around the neighbourhood came out from their hiding place as well. No one looked panic, just plain worried shown on their faces. Both my housemates soon packed their stuff and left the house, saying something about leaving for a better place to stay or go back to their parents, either one I can't remember now. Anyways I was left alone there for a while.. wanted to call my sister to check out whether if she's ok, but found out that my phone's battery was half gone, I had to find a charger fast, but where. (come to think of it, will there be electricity left? don;t know, it;s a dream anyway)

I walked about on the street, seeing people rushing in and out of stores getting supplies, looking for people, stealing stuff at stores that got wrecked by that passing twister.. or whatever thing that is, and traffic jam everywhere, people are leaving the place; no where I could find a charger for my phone. A working policeman noticed my behaviour, asked me what happen, and lent me his phone so I could call my sis. I called but no one answered. Worried, I thanked the officer and he gave me 5 bucks. (LOL!)

I walked off and continued my quest of looking for the charger (what the hell?)... I found an abandoned phone store..inside the glass case laid several cables stuff.. couldn't identify then properly..so I broke the glass and checked (I still remember inside the dream I was feeling guilty of doing that) , none. And then I thought: hey why not go Daiso! so off I went.. into the nearest Daiso store, which was still open and supplying necessities for the people. I looked around the whole place, just couldn't find the cable, so I gave up.

Outside the store, I could see that something wasn;t right at all. It's really like the world is ending and all I could see was people escaping their homes. Then I met one of my colleagues (not to be revealed who), I explained my problem to him, and he took me to his house, saying that his siblings had solutions to that. His house was huge.. a rich man house, and his sibling took my phone to charge. After a while the sibling returned with a bill in his/her (cant remember is sister or bro) hands, and explained to me the charges... about like 300 bucks.. and the reason why it was so expensive... I can't remember the reason presented in the dream... but i was relieved at least it's charged. I told them I only had 5 bucks with me, so I gave them that, got my phone and about to leave their house, when my colleague's father rushed out to hold me and demanding me to pay full amount, and shouting some insulting stuff at me for being poor. I was hurt and angry at the same time and told my colleague this :"sorry for being your friend". and ran away. For a brief moment I saw my colleague looked angry too. I was really sad.

Looking at my surrounding I realized that my sister's office is just maybe a kilometer ahead, so I decided to walk there and find her. On the way I called my mum, thinking that I should call her first before the phone battery finished again. I told mum what just happened, and surprisingly she didn;t sound panic as she always does in real life. She's just worried, asking whether housemates were with me, whether i was ok. I told her I was walking to sister's office and she advised me to take a cab instead... lol... in the dream I explained the overall situation to her... bad traffic jams.. so walking was a better choice. She said ok, told me to take care of myself, and hung up. And so I continued my journey towards sister's office.

and then I woke up.


a meaning hidden behind this dream of mine perhaps? of why the items I saved must be my laptop, my hard disk, and my phone? and why I looked so hard for a charger, and failed? why I couldn't reach my sister? why the 5 bucks? why the colleague? why the money issue? why the sad argument? why I chose to walk? why I only called my mum after so long? what does that monstrous evil storm twister mist represent?

It was scary.. when I was inside the dream, when that loud sound suddenly appears and getting near, fearing the unknown..and followed by all the things happened inside the dream.

I really have to write them down, because among all the weird dreams that I had for the past few nights (I still remember some of them), this was the most vivid one.

oh dear...


SuWa said...

maybe is just telling you that in the "future" there is something connected to it like ur charger spoiled? ur laptop,hp and hard drive is ur most impt. stuff for work , ur colleague is nt happy? or may be ur inner feeling is just trying to escape to the unreal world ...it happens to me sometimes ... well just dont worry to much im sure it will be ok =)

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