2 months. of no post. I feel very sorry to my blog, and myself. There are times where I really thought of stop blogging and close this blog down, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, I've been writing since years ago and this blog is almost 5 years old, it keeps some of my most funny and dreadful and emotional memories of the past.

After starting my working life, I truly begin to realize why my sister has never really has the urge to blog frequently. Busy. Now my everyday life is occupied with work, work, and work. Well yes I do have my quality social time with my family and friends and colleagues, but yes all these activities have filled up the rest of my days which I can put all those work aside. Otherthan that, all I want is do nothing, think nothing, just rest and relax. Even the thought of blogging seems tiring.

It is true that I have a lot things that I wanted to blog about: work, friends, activities, feelings... but this isn't a student life anymore. Coming out to work, one day you can get to experience all sort of things from sweet to bitter stuff, and by the time you reach home, you just want to forget everything and let your mind goes blank. Most of the time the bitter and sour stuff takes over my mind and when I feel like blogging it, my mind will always replay the words told by my sister years ago: " Don't complain. Learn to appreciate what you have now, complain doesn't bring you anywhere."

I wanted to blog about my happy moments as well, but like I've said, time. Maybe you think this is an excuse, well honestly I myself think so too, I mean we can always squeeze some time out to do the things we truly want to do. But yeah, after a day of work and activities, all I want is just clicking around in Facebook, update the world with short statuses... that's all.

So today is a holiday, first day of Hari Raya. A day which I can truly feel the freedom from work, just for a day, and I decided to blog about my life in the past 2 months.

My last post was in June.. so lets start with July. Hmm.. I think I'll just organize the things that I want to post into categories.

Ok first off. the happy stuffs:


how I celebrated it? with my colleagues, family, and housemates :) not to forget the many Facebookers greetings and wishes. They are so great, that beside accompanying me to karaoke, they even bought my favourite Rabbid toy, huge one!

these people are my awesome team mates, friends, karaoke mates, and gaming mates. awesome colleagues I have... they bought me the cake, and this below here...

oh this white cute creature in the middle. Rayman Rabbids!! I am so loving this Rabbid of mine ok? Oh my god... you know one of my wishes before my birthday came is to celebrate it with this bunch of crazy random colleagues of mine, because I think it's a blessing for me to have known them, to become their friend and I feel close to them after working there for like 8 months. Well we see each other almost everyday and we've been through hell together. the spirit of 'together-ness' is there :)

My cousin Ah Ching, brought me to this little coffee house called Typica located inside Shaw Parade mall, and bought me coffee and a small slice of delicious cake :D and together she brought my birthday presents. haha how thoughtful of her :)

and these are the presents that come together inside a bag :D

a pretty illustration card, a vintage sweet (not shown in the picture), a rabbit illustration tunic (not shown too, it's inside that wrapped box), and a box of tea (in the wrapped box as well) like I;ve said, very thoughtful of her.

Oh ya, and this is a dog plushie that my sis had given to me :)

the dog is super huge and firm, it's not soft, but not too hard either, can be used to whack people XD ok joking. erm.. and there are cards from sister and Clarissa (my sis's friend), Clarissa sis also gave 2 cute Petter Rabbit cups (inside the brown paper bag).

and that blue with white polka dots box, is a present from my ex-senior colleague, MK, who has taught me lots of stuff about the software FLAME, as well as all sorts of working and handling people's philosophy :) guess what's inside? it's a Merry-go-round :D

besides these, I had a great dinner with my housemates as well: Quin and Tham, at Bubba Gump restaurant :)

meet Quin, my housemate who is very kind.She's the one who send me to work every morning, and sometimes cook for us :D

and meet Tham, my other housemate who is very caring and thoughtful. Sometimes cook for me as well... ahahahahahaha I really should learn cooking =___=''' anyways he had also given me a book about knowing God and prayed for me. Thank you so much Tham :)

yup.. love them lots for treating me so good. am very grateful and blessed to have these people around me. I don't know, but for now, birthday to me is just a day like any other, just that it's a day to mark that you are one year older, and life continues just like that. But because of them, I truly had a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday... a year older, still working everyday, but handling life with more a more experienced brain and tougher mindset, and of course with more people to walk beside me.

I am 22, and I still love my blog's title. 'Insanity and Genius'.

right I know I shouldn't stop writing here but I really have to get to bed. But no worries, I promise I'll continue with the events and stuff happen last month and recently that I really want to blog about. To be sure, I'll list down the topics that I want to blog about first here:

Sneak peek!
- my new hobby : collecting original CD albums *gasps*
- my little urgent trips back to Kuching
- my new buddies and the stuff we have done together
- stuff about work.
- my new fav author!

yep. so. just let me go have some sleep. thank you and good night! :D

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