My parents are here in Kuala Lumpur now :DDD oh the joy when I can revert myself back into my childish self whenever dad and mum are around, hahaha! we are still kids in their eyes anyways.

So, as promised, I'm going to continue posting about the stuff that I listed down in my previous post. and here it goes:

My new hobby of collecting original CD albums.

Yes people, I finally bought myself couple of original albums, with super duper good deals. You see, somehow it's the cheap CD campaign month for the whole Malaysia, and all the CD retailers in town stack out albums released several years ago and sell them at half price. Luckily enough, I went into one which sell them for only RM9.90. Seems like they really want to get rid of them as fast as possible.

RM9.90. I was so happy when I first saw the numbers, and there were a lot of albums to choose from. Without hesitation I straight away bought 3 albums, altogether RM 30. Oh my god seriously, if I were to buy them at their original price, they would have cost me about RM150!

the first batch of original CD albums that I bought for just RM9.90. Mika's 'Life in Cartoon Motion'; Stereophonics's 'Pull the Pin'; and Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible'. All albums were first released between year 2006 to 2008.

It's truly my first time having to listen songs played from original CD. I was skeptical at first, wondering whether is there any big difference with the usual ones that I downloaded from the web. Silly me, of course there is, I actually went and compared! I can't describe it well, but the sound is really different, more..compact..firm, and just perfect.

So, after a week, I went back to the same store, bought another 2,

Razorlight's 'Slipway Fires' and Scissor Sisters's 'Ta-dah'. I am truly in bliss for owning them, and also listening from them.

I don't think there will be much RM9.90 CD albums left in that store. Coz when I went back to scout for the 2nd batch, there left only one rack of CDs , instead of the 3 racks when I first went in.

No doubt that I begin to get addicted to collect original albums. Just last week I downloaded the whole new album of Olivia Ong's 'Romance', and I was straight away hooked to the tracks of teh whole album. They are oh so sweet so happy and her voice is so soothing to the ears.

Well then I was somehow having an emo day last Thurs, for my colleagues had left for vacation while I was still stuck in the office, rushing for a project. That feeling isn't good, really, it gets into your mind and makes you do some stupid of rash things, like went and buy the original album of Olivia Ong without any hesitation at all. And this time, it's not RM 9.90, but the original price RM45.90. Though I have no regret at all, for I'm truly in love with her songs :)

One thing I love about albums released in Asia is that they always come in a well designed packaging. They will actually put in so much thoughts in presenting the album instead of just the usual square CD casing.

Yup. I'm a proud owner of 6 original albums now. Can't guarantee that I will stop for now... but I'll try my best to control the urge :) just buy the ones that I truly love, unless, it's another cheap sales like the RM9.90 one, then you'll be seeing me buying more and more :)


hana said...

HAHA as much as I adore asian unique's packaging, its a pain when it comes to storing it coz its all in different shape and sizes and won't stack up properly and stuff. Or maybe thats just my anal self who cannot stand things be in perfect same order lols.

eichi said...

haha you got a point there. I notice it when I went back to CD shops the other day and saw the Asian section rack... XD