Happy Mooncake Festival people :D had my share of moon cake last night together with sister.

this year I have not done any drawings or any paintings or any photography to celebrate. However, I've finally finish doing the video of my family trip to Hong Kong last May. Finally....

*note* due to insufficient memory card space, all the shots taken are haste and erm... a bit crappy. so bear with the bad editing (if you think so :P).. anyways I've always wanted to create video like this, so I enjoy it very much.

Shot using my little Canon camera, edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Song used: "Summer Holiday" by Wild Nothing

Seriously I'm going to invest in a better camera next time :D


So as promised, I'm going to blog about my little trips back to Kuching, my hometown.

Do you know how happy I am whenever I get the chance to go back there? Being out here too long, even though the opportunities (not to mention, income) is so much more here, home is still home, where I can truly rest and be a like a childish kid with my family and friends.

Me and sister had to go back twice to settle some documents. We are doing big things there :P Will update you guys about it when the time comes.

on the site. *hint*

have always liked this wide empty field here near my house. reminds me of Nobita and his friends playing baseball in the comic Doraemon :D

the last time we went back, it was the month of Kuching fest. It's been few years since me and my sis last joined the crowd to enjoy this festival. It's one unique festival, where all Kuching-ians gather together to have fun, have lots and lots of different food, play games, enjoy stage shows, competitions, relaxing in a beautiful garden... it's one big festive season that happens annually :D

sis at the entrance of the festival.

this is just 1/5 of the whole festival area. crowd and food stalls EVERYWHERE!!!! it's a food heaven for my dad.

me eating Taiwan sausages :P

and the kids are having fun in the playground with their friends..parents..fellow Kuching-ians :)

It's really wonderful to be back once in a while, to be soaked inside the warmness of being home. and also, mum's cooking, the most healthiest food in the world. Writing all these now makes me home sick. omg...

home. will always be home. and when I retire I'm going to go back there and have my own little kopitiam which only serves one kind of coffee and several bread. nice :)

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