I've taken a short break from work. 3 days. Friday, Saturday and today, Sunday. It feels really great to be away from office, from thinking about work, and all I needed to think was how to spend my day. Well my initial plan for these days was actually to go somewhere far, somewhere with lots of greenery... a park perhaps. However there's no such park that I can reach just by using public transport, and I'm not going  to spend much on Taxi fares... so in the end I just went shopping.

Mind you.. I shopped a lot. I did.

It just feels great to buy the things you like without any hesitation. Well I feel great too that all the things I bought are branded in bargained prices, just great :D

Bought myself new toys too, as seen in the picture above. A purple Domo-kun and Tofu-san. There are several designs and colors for Domo-kun, they come in boxes, and I had to randomly pick one without knowing which one lays inside. So I got this, a purple carpeted one. Not that I mind but I would still prefer to have the original color, brown Domo-kun, haha!

And I really consider myself lucky, for I bumped into an event held at Tokyo Street, Pavilion. The designer and creator for the famous toy TOFU, Shinichiro Kitai was here having an autograph session on anything TOFU merchandise, well I wasn't going to let this rare chance passes by so I just bought myself another Tofu toy ( I had one already at home, different design) on the spot and let Shinichiro-san signed on its head!

Yep I'm a happy poor kid now. Seriously, with all the shopping done just this few days, I really have to eat bread for the rest of the days. Must control my money well now.

I've been to "KL Design Week 2011" just now. Disappointed really. It's more like "KL Illustration Week" to me, with booths showcasing illustration and crafts, not much on contemporary art and design. I still remember the "KL Design Week" I attended few years back, which was mature and most of the designs showcased were with very strong concept behind, whereas this year, just drawings..illustrations... no conceptual bizarre stunning mind-blasting design that would leave me awestruck, well maybe some illustration pleases me but not to the extend that I would really admire the work. Really... kinda sad. Besides that the location for the event is one of the turn-off reasons as well. It's held in a mall which is still new... barely all the shops are opened, and the crowd is just sad.  Design booths were  like scattered here and there, without any clear directory board for us to refer to. All in all, I am disappointed with the event. I do sincerely hope that next year it will be so much better than this one.

Ok, time to sign off from writing. Before leaving... here's a little sneak peek to a very good news for my family: Finally, and it's a red box.


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cutebun said...

Wah.. nice domo kun and tofu! =P