It's either I'm too busy or too lazy to make the attempt to write something here.

Well sometimes I do think that I deserve more than this. And sometimes I feel like taking a break for month or two, disappear and play missing game. Or making a rash decision, buy an air ticket and go vacation.

That's how work makes me feel these few weeks. And makes me crave for hanging out and craps with my buddies more. Or retail therapy. Have been buying lots of branded goods these days.. Gotta control the temptation.

And I do wish to have a partner to share all my happiness and sadness and troubles with. Right now, everything is just being bottled up inside of me.

Gotta hold on tight there :)

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Faye said...

*hugs* Ganbaru eichi sama. I think you're really great, being able to handle all the work stress and stuff. And if it helps, friends and family will always be there for you. :)