Haruki Murakami, a Japanese author introduced to me by my ex-lecturer 4 years back, when I asked about novels that are with weird... Out of ordinary stories. My first book of his was The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. It got me hooked. The story telling, the themes, the contents of the story are all so fresh to me, and I love it so much. Since then I've been buying his novel and I had known about his new novel in around... April this year? 1Q84, according to news report it is a hit in Japan, and I saw the Chinese version of the novel in Kinokuniya last August. I asked for the Eng version and know that it will be released some time in October. So I waited..

And finally here it is!!! Saw the 'preorder' poster outside The Curve Borders the other day, quickly made my payment, and went to collect it just this morning. The book is another Harry Potter to me, one of my treasured books.

It's holiday tomorrow, and can't wait to 'sniff' more of my new book and start reading it :)

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