Hi peeps! I am currently sitting inside my own, cluttered with all kinds of treasure but bloody comfortable room. Yes I am back in Kuching, for the very soon to come Chinese New Year, and I am excited about it.

For one thing, I finally have self-earned money to buy clothes according to the style I want, instead of the price tags. Now this is a very comforting fact to me as for the past few years, though a fashion lover, was unable to dress up properly, as I only buy things that are cheap, and you know... cheap things don't always look good, and those damn pretty fashion accessories? Too pricey for me. Well even now some of the items are pricey still, but at least I have a budget for myself, using my own money and spend it wisely. Bought myself couple of branded goods for this Chinese New Year, that I can't wait to get into them and strut some poses in front of the camera. 

Another exciting part, is that I'm back early. Leaving the office a week before Chinese New Year, I'm the earliest among my colleagues. Couldn't help it, cheap air tickets are difficult to get. So now I'm here, 4 days to Chinese New Year, need to help up spring cleaning the house too, and do more new year shopping with parents. 

And then, being at home means I can be a total kid in front of my parents. Talk nonsense, act nonsense, ove the moments when I can just scream or sing any time I want inside the house, and my parents will just ignore me and continue with their chores. 

Chinese New Year, it makes my purse and bank account dry, but comes happiness, to be able to come home and be with family. Oh yeaaaah~~

Off the track! 

Currently digging into the latest Clazzi album 'Infant'. Info and download link's here. 


and this is one of my favourite tracks from the album. In fact I love most of the tracks but this one comes with awesome MTV that I really would like to share with you all! Clazzi!!!!