where have I gone?

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3 whole months of 0 updates. I have drifted far from the blogosphere.

Lots of things happen in the past 3 months, well mainly job and workplace related. People come and people go, I got attached to some of them and it is hard to let go. How would my working life be like without them at the side to support and basically go nuts with?

The place I'm working now, is a mess, thus people are leaving, like mad. I have to stay, according to my Buddhist Deity Guan Yin. This is not my year, and I have to just stay and observe. I listen and is doing it now, becoming a 'Ninja', what doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

So yeah, things are different; life is different. Following dreams is not an easy task, I have knocked into a big boulder.


Sherrie Pui said...

Be strong and you will go thru it! Hope to see you soon!

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