shi ne kudasai~!!!

BM and History tomorrow...

hyuu hyuuuu~~ after tomorrow i'm gona throw those books away~~~ Nyaaaa~~ :DDD

btw, wonder how i release stress? actually not stress la..more like...lazying around..=_=

Chiang chiang chiang chiang~~~

wahahahaha~~~ i wana design game/anime characters n also clothes after spm liaw~~~


Pink Cotton said...


cool!! i like the 2nd pic =)

if you didnt mention that you were the one who drew it i would have thought it was some pics from the anime lah!!!..kekeke

nice way of releasing stress...

good luck in ur spm ah...or what's remaining of it ;)

eiChi said...

thank you thank you ^.^ ya, sud relax la, if not canot survive thus horrible spm :p