i still feel abit uncomfortable about how my future will be like, after seeing how successful my sister is now. managing her own company which is now turned international, designing marvelous and ideal spaces for 'big people' around the world. she's busy everyday.

it's only been a few days i'd done some graphics for my sis. n i begin to have doubts. doubts about my future. will mine be like hers too? taking Creative Multimedia, will it lead me to the wonderful future that i always dream of? or am i still naive to be thinking of such kinda impossible dreams. i wonder..

i'm 18 this year. but i still feel like i'm only 15 or sth. i don't know much about the design and business world. i only know tat i want to do design, n make it to build a path towards the peak of the world. will i be able to make it? i always depend on my sis, since young. even now, my sis gives me opportunity to work as a part time graphics designer, to get the experience. although my design level can still be considered a noob to those pro ones, i try to do my best. just hope that i can reach their target.

i dont want to depend on my sis too much. i want to do sth different from my sis, that can also make it to the international level, that can also gain status in the society, earn thousands and millions, and make my family proud. i want so much for this to happen in my future. but will i make it?

i'm still 18 btw, hvn even started my Uni life, but i'm already doubting it.

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Mang Yik said...

Eichi......thanks for Ouran High School...but faye and i watched it until so late last night.We woke up late this mornig.20 minutes before class started.Luckily wasnt late........bad influence......anyway,lots of people like Ouran so it ended up 5/7 people from our apartment watched Ouran.That means......faye and i were accompanied by another 3 room mates.......watching it.Imagine........5 people in front of a small laptop screen!!!!!Ok.gotta go.Coming to our apartment next week rite????