lil heart says:"don't underestimate me and the path i'm going to take!"

it's confirmed. i'm starting my foundation of Creative Multimedia on 5th Feb, at Kuching LUCT campus for a year before coming here to CyberJaya to complete it,

my sister thought Creative Multimedia was a faculty, not a degree course, after seeing the old LUCT brochure. and she sed to me, with a heavy tone: " chi, actually i'm a bit disappointed with you. u didnt do enuf research. now wad r u gona do?" my heart was dropping like a stone when i heard she sed that. sumtimes i really wish i can talk back. but since young every word i say is wrong and what she says is right. well, no doubt about that, she's older than me, n knows more...but gradually i find myself cant defense myself or talk freely when my sis is at my side, in fear that i might be wrong again, that the stone will drop even further down.

but today i'm correct. i'd checked the website for a dozen times n there it says BA (Hons) Creative Multimedia. it's a degree course, not a faculty. even the person in charge at LUCT also say so. do i still dissapoint u, sis?


just wait and see what i've stored for you guys :)


wenLi said...

Hey, I was intending to leave a comment in your previous post, but my brain was too sick to function then. And since you've updated! Here goes..

Well, I guess all of us feel the same, one way or another. We're often unsure of the outcome, especially when it's a whole new unprecedented area.

Since art and designs had always been your forte, it wouldn't be a problem at all right? Never doubt yourself and remember - everyone is unique in their own way and each possesses talents waiting to be discovered. Just give it a shot. :)

Glad you've finally settled with the course. It's time to focus on the course, and need not fret about accomplishing big plans yet. One step at a time. :) Don't push yourself too hard! I know how it felt being overshawdowed by siblings, but then it's the sole drive to push us on isn't it?

So all the best to you! Don't worry too much.

lianshen said...

Pressure will make u grow ! =)
pressure will make u mad..to

faye said...

hey take it easy mon. All your friends here have 100% faith in your abilities. DOnt worry about not knowing much about the business and design world. Name me a person who was an expert on matters before he even studied them and ill give you a million bucks. :ike Wenli said, take one step at a time, its ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. 'Great' people around the world did not start big, they were not without mistakes. Its common to feel this kind of pressure, its all part of growing up.

So gambate!!!Dont let yourself down!!:D

Anonymous said...

Eichi.....i just drop by to say hi before going back to the apartments. Anyway,u can do it. Life is like dat.Sometimes,bo pien la.Its like takdir liao.Me and my bro also like dat.My bro is the first grandson for my grandparents.So,he is very spoilt.Everything about him is correct.At last,he isn't as successful as me!!!!!! So,eichi,dont feel so bad... soon,prove to your sis that sometimes,she is wrong...but not so open la.Ok.gotta go.
-Mang Yik-here

thwen said...

Hey Eichi! You sound so Japanese! Well, I assume yo u got to my blog from Wen Li's, haha, and thanks for dropping by.

You're going for Creative Multimedia, eh? Wishing you all the best and may you have a great deal of fun in college! I'm sure you will!

Eichi, I was thinking about doing design too, advertising design to be more specific. But I'm going for Cambridge A-Levels instead, and I'm reading law after that if all goes well and if I don't change my mind.

Anyway, love the simplicity of your blog. It speaks alot about the blogger behind it, haha.

Cheers, Hui Wen

eiChi said...

aaa~~ finally i can use the internet again~ :D n thanks alot to you guys :)

@wenli: yup, i need to take a step at a time ;p no need to be too rush. thnx wenli!

@ahsan: pressure pressure...grow grow~~ thnx to u too!!! :D

@faye and mangyik: hey! u still hav time to read my blog ar? haha. fin watching Ouran oledy o not? ,e go on weekends to watch together le :p anyway, thnx for supporting me always! *muacks*

@thwen: ya, i'd seen ur blog n found that you are very creative too! u love to take photographs right? :) n yup, i'm a japanese lover :D

Ying said...

Your designs speak your ability. Just focus and dont look back after you have determined you path.

Even if im the diploma holder i can do things beyond than that. Just be strong in this field!

eiChi said...

thank you~ ying :D