beautiful value learnt :)

i'd just finished the whole series of Ouran High School Host Club (got them from Allan this morning :p) n i think this is the second time tat i'd cried so much upon watching an anime. the first time was when i was watching Fullmetal Alchemist, i cried because of the sad and touching scenes init. I REALLY CRIED OK?! not just one or two drop of tears. u maybe be asking 'huh? i thought u sed Ouran is a comedy anime?' well yea, it is. no doubt. i was laughing so hard for the whole day...but when the ending is near....unexpected stuff happens... the strong bond between the host club members, frienship, partnership..n the happy ending is too touching..n yep! i cried because i was TOO HAPPY for them! :D i know this sounds foolish, crying over anime characters..but the scene of them being together again..regardless of each other's unhappy situations...i felt really really warm..n happy..before i knew, i was crying out happy tears :) heartwarming, really.

anyway, i'm going off to KL tomolo, will be back after a month :) n I'M GOING THERE BY MYSELF!!!!! :D :D :D but somehow i feel abit freaky...=_='''' yare yare, daijoubu :) it's just from Kch to KL, not like i'm going to overseas.....just imagine i was those heroine in anime that travel alone for an exciting adventure..... being imaginative n a bit childish helps u know *evil grin*

alright! i'd packed all my stuff...need to sleep early later as i need to wake up at 4 am to catch a 6.45 am flight...=_=''' sister..why did u help me to book such an early flight?

mah! to all my Kch frens, see you again during Chinese New Year!
n to all my frens hu are at KL now, see you there!!!
n to my singapore friend, lindra-chan! i'm coming too!!!! :D

b4 i go, i still wana say. Ouran High School Host Club!!! BEST SHOUJO ANIME EVER!!!!! after watching this anime, i really feel so warm and a weird kind of happiness is flowing tru me.

Friendship, is beautiful. ne? :)

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