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a few weeks ago, before the Taiwan earthquake, i could load and watch 4 to 5 anime episodes at Youtube a day. after the Taiwan earthquake, one day one episode...sumtimes 2/3 of the episode....terrible... :S

ma! as i have nth to do, it's ANIME REVIEW TIME!!! :D :D :D anyone who's not interested in anime u may leave now~muahahaha! no. i'm just joking. after staying at home without any friends for a long time makes me wana crack up some stupid jokes myself. anyway
Ouran High School Host Club!!!!!

this, is a another funny + teenager romance anime :D n when i say funny, it means REALLY funny. as hilarious as the anime Gakuen Alice i'd intro earlier on. n don worry, the romance inside this anime isnt the kiss kiss love him love me type(u know..with lots of boy girl relationship problems..like BoysBe or Paradise Kiss..) the type of romance tat is shown in this anime is...erm..innocent one! muahahahaha!!!!

ok, time for the summary! *i took this from wikipedia. i'm sucks at explainin stuff*

Ouran High School Host Club is a story involving a wide range of characters, which takes place primarily at Ouran High School, which most of them attend. The school is an exclusive institution reserved only for students from incredibly wealthy and affluent families. One exception, however, is scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka, a young girl from a lower-middle class family who appears to have a 'low threshold for gender identity'. Because of this (and the superfluous cost of the school uniform), Haruhi resorts to wearing long slacks, polo shirts and a vest that resembles the male student's uniform. Therefore, upon entering school, she was at first taken as a male student.

One day, she begins to search through the vast campus for a quiet place to study since all the libraries are filled with gossiping students. Her search takes her to the technically unused Third Music Room where she stumbles upon the Host Club - a group of six attractive male students who spend their time charming and entertaining the school's girls for profit. During their first meeting, Haruhi is shocked at their behavior which causes her to accidentally knock over a very expensive vase valued at ¥8,000,000 ($80,000 US in the English manga). This causes Haruhi to contract a massive debt with the Host Club. In order to pay off the large sum, she is employed as the club's "dog" and is constantly ordered to do menial tasks for the members, such as serving food or cleaning up.

Once the club president, Tamaki Suou, sees "him" without "his" glasses, Haruhi is promoted to be one of the hosts of the club as a way to pay off "his" huge debt. The other club members soon discover that Haruhi is a female, but since she is already accepted by the club's customers and even became one of the main attractions of the club, Haruhi is allowed (forced) to stay until she has accumulated a total of 100 (which later grows to 1,000) customers, when her debt would be considered paid in full.

ok, that's the summary of the anime. so the whole series circles around the daily activities and happenings of the Host Club members, which are all VERY SILLY BUT HILARIOUS!!! yes yes! this is the best anime to be watched when you are extremely bored! the way the characters look, their actions, their words, aaaah~~~ the whole anime is just funny!!!

there are no heros or heroine in this anime, but just 7 main characters whose personalities are so different from each other!!! first, the president of the Host Club, Tamaki Soou, a quite idiotic person (half japanese half french) and has super duper 'women pheromone' (Haruhi is the only girl tat doesnt fall for it) , but he's kind and gentle...loves Haruhi alot but doesnt realise tat himself..in short, he's the idiot King of the Host Club n the whole anime. next is the Kyuoya-senpai....Tamaki's best friend. he's the vice-president of the club..manages all the club's finances...n he only pays attention to anything tat has to do with 'profit', 'credit' and 'money'. 3rd n 4th are the Hitachiin twins - Hikaru and Kaoru ..n they are the perfect anime version of George and Percy Weasley from Harry Potter =_=''' both of them are very mischievious, always plan sth nasty or funny to fool their 'King' (Tamaki)...both of them also like Haruhi alot, but Hikaru likes Haruhi more. he's always jealous whenever a guy not from the club tried to be friend with Haruhi...5th is Hani (or Honey)-senpai. erm..a short but cute guy who loves candy, cakes, and rabbits ^.^''' even though he's a senpai, he still acts like a kid. but dont judge a book by its cover! Honey-senpai is very skilled at martial arts!! he's even protected his friends and Haruhi from being attacked by armed forces :D the 6th guy is Honey-senpai's best bud, Mori-senpai. a quiet...also skilled at martial arts guy..he doesnt tok much =_=''' n he cares for Honey-senpai alot. last but not least, Fujioka Haruhi!!! the only girl dressed as guy in the club just to pay the debt (refer to summary) Haruhi doesnt care much about looks, very intelligent, very straightforward when it comes to giving opinions, but is very dense when it comes to love =_=''' oh ya! one thing i like about her is the way she refers the host club members and the other rich students in school as 'rich bastards'. CUTE!!! haha! XD

ok, the storyline is hilarious and nice, not too much romance n not too much touching scenes n not too much actions..everything is just at the right amount :D the characters are also cool and funny. plus, the opening and the ending theme song are great!!! suit the anime very very well!! the openingtheme is Sakura Kiss performed by Chieko Kawabe, a cheerful fast beat song, resembles Haruhi's character alot! while the ending theme is a happy rock song, Shissou by Last Alliance. n it resembles the 6 handsome Host Club members :)

as for the seiyuu (voice actors), guess who voice act Haruhi? :D it's Maaya Sakamoto!!!! my most fav Japanese singer!!! kyaaa~~ i love her songs XD n the one hu voice acts Tamaki-senpai is the same as Yagami Light from DeathNote - Miyano Mamoru. i couldnt believe it at first, coz the two, Tamaki and Light, have VERY VERY DIFFERENT personalities!! O.O''' Tamaki is a rich bastard@idiot while Light is an evil genius...n Miyano successfully voice acts both them!! being a seiyuu is not easy u know ^.^U

in short. this is another must watch anime :D it's just 26 episodes, not like BLEACH....=_= honestly i'm getting tired of the BLEACH anime...manga is still the best! same goes for D.Gray-man (the anime fillers is starting next week, aarrrgh~~ i hate fillers!!) ok, back to Ouran. this is a great comedy n a lil romance based anime tat you must not miss XD so if got time, try to download it or watch it on Youtube. seriously, this anime can kick away boredom and entertain you for the whole day :)


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