oink oink.

IT'S NEW YEAR!!! *runs frantically around the room* (i feel like a hypocrite =_=)

1.1.07....mangyik goes to KL...Hilary goes to NS (poor him..but nvm, he'll be surrounded by his beloved treeesss) ...faye going KL too tomorrow...sum of frens are starting their Uni life this week...

aah...no more going back to Green Road...going to miss those innocent years...*ehem* i'm gona be 18 this year...freaky @.@''' n i still feel like i'm 15 or sth!! nvm, it's good to feel young! muahahahahaha!!!

dang..still cant watch anime on Youtube or post posts in the forum...n whenever i try to draw somthing i'll just ended rubbing everything off...i'm on an artist block.....I'M SLOWLY ROTTING AWAY~~~ T_T n this is how i sum up my day today

anyway, time to do a list of my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!!!! :D muahahahahaha~

  • be strong! (mentally n physically..i wana kick sum ass :p)
  • be more mature..i'm still so childish now...how bout childishness 50% n mature-ness 50%? :D
  • draw and design more~~
  • get a new handphone! my hp is like kousai now.can suddenly shut down itself!
  • i need more memory for my computer T_T
  • get Open Canvas n master it! also master the skill of CG-ing using Photoshop!!
  • take more pro photos.. :p
  • if possible, i wanna earn MONEY!!!
  • watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!! July is coming soon XD
  • get some gothic lollita style clothes ~
  • watch as many anime n read as many manga as possible~~
  • improve my english! (i can feel it deteriorating..=_=''')
  • blog more n write more good stuff! not just useless crapss!
  • ohya..learn how to drive...
  • make more new friends :0
  • ocassionaly go out with my highschool friends~
  • EXCEL IN WADEVER I DO IN UNIVERSITY!!! u know..arts n design..i'm gona strive for the best *demon glare~* nyahahaah


tat's a lot...i'm greedy....^.^''' oh well..these are all my wishes...n sum of them are a MUST for me to achieve :) wishes and dreams are strong forces that pushes us towards success :p muahahahaha!!

so everyone~! go make urself a new year resolution and make sure you take actions on them!!! have a bright n colourful year in 2007!!! :D


faye said...

Go eichi gambate yo!!!!Im sure youll be eichitastic in everything!!!!!XD rawk on dude

eiChi said...

lol..eichitastic? haha XD thnx faye! n i'll meet u there in KL!! :D