guo nian la~

i am terribly exhausted.

went to visit 12 houses today (aylwin's > helibely's > ooitche's > houkee's > wanhui's > faye's > kenn chen's > teacher Fu's > Mr Ang's > Diana's > Terrence's > me house XD) went out at 9 in the morning thn came back at 5.30 pm. after that served the 5I friends. n when they were gone, came the J's friends. sang some karaoke for them. 15 minutes after they had gone home, my malay neighbour came, n i had to be the translator n chat with them since my parents doesnt know english much. n thn, i went to visit my art friends again with my parents.....

i drank 2 types of red wine. i drank shandy (first time ok?), teh bunga, 100 plus, coke, 'luo han guo', 'hong zao' tea..i scared that i'll vomit later or worse, tummy explosion!!! O.o''' aaaaaaaahhhhhh~~~~

exhausted =_=''' muahahahaha

i go edit my new year photos n post here tomolo. since i decide to stay at home tomolo finish my homework. n yessssss, i have homework to do T_T

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